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This is C.V Leigh

C.V. Leigh is a pen-name used by author, Charlotte Howard to write her fantasy and paranormal stories.

C.V. Leigh lives in Somerset with her husband, two young children, and menagerie of pets. She can always be found with a cup of tea in her hand, and a story in her head, waiting to put on paper.


Originally from the Nottingham/Lincoln borders, C.V. Leigh now lives in Somerset with her family and pets. She comes from a long line of natural witches, and spent her childhood learning to read tea leaves from her grandmother and Tarot from her mother, so it's no surprise that she has a love for the fantastical and paranormal.

When she's not creating new worlds, C.V. enjoys reading with a hot cup of tea, or exploring the beautiful countryside that Somerset has to offer.

C.V. Leigh's favourite authors include Kelley Armstrong, George R.R. Martin, Douglas Adams, Grant Naylor, Terry Pratchett, and Roald Dahl.

The Change

The Wolves of Faol Hall: #1

Kincaid pack Alpha, Alistair, has called his family back to their ancestral home in the Scottish Cairngorms. His wife, Megan, is losing control of her ability to shift and it has him rattled. When it comes to light that Nathan Trevell, Megan's ex and the lycanthrope who turned her, has travelled from the States and is in the UK, closing in on his family, Alistair is even more determined to keep everyone safe.

Memory Magic

The Wolves of Faol Hall: #2

The Kincaid family is still recovering. Betrayal and secrets have ripped them apart. Alistair Kincaid sends his lycanthrope brother, Jacob, to America to track down the witches who can help save his sister-in-law, Megan. On his flight, he meets Lauren Summers, who he learns is a witch, and might be the key to undoing Megan's curse, as well as his way back into the family fold.

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